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Volunteer Opportunities in the Community

For a volunteer, Meals on Wheels is a unique opportunity in learning and service. Our dedicated volunteers provide the necessary means to help the homebound elderly by volunteering 1-5 hours per week and delivering 8-20 meals per day. While many individuals serve as volunteers for the program, Meals on Wheels is looking toward local businesses and corporations to join our "Corporate Volunteer Corps." Businesses participating in this program recruit volunteers from their organization that are assigned to drive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

Volunteer with us as a meal deliverer, meal packer, assessor, or office assistant for the Meals on Wheels program by contacting Talya Morris at or 832.408.3527.

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A Message from SEARCH Homeless Services, an organization that we often partner with:

We are thrilled to welcome several new babies to our SEARCH community. Two moms in our Family First program and one mom in our CCHP program have recently given birth, and we'd truly appreciate your help providing postpartum essentials for the women we serve and their babies. Thank you so much for supporting these moms and their families!

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Supporting Our Ukranian Masorti Family

On behalf of Maorti Olami we are asking our friends and supporters to give to their emergency campaign for the Masorti communities in Ukraine. Ukraine stands at a precarious point, with a possible invasion from Russian forces on the horizon, and many still struggling with the repercussions of the ongoing war in Eastern, Northern and Southern Ukraine, which began in 2014. The local communities report that they are currently safe and at home, but are worried about the future and are in a state of uncertainty, not sure when an invasion could occur or how it would play out. They have conveyed fears and needs and this campaign is our hope to helping them. 

Masorti is a growing movement around the world and their fastest expansion today is in the Ukraine. Less than thirty years after the fall of Communism, Jewish life in Ukraine is flourishing once more, in what had previously been one of the greatest centers of world Jewish life. Masorti plays an active and growing role in the renaissance of Jewish life across the country, providing an answer to Jews seeking to connect with their traditions in a modern an egalitarian framework. Masorti offers Ukrainian Jews a vast array of services and needs for Jewish life including synagogues, camps, youth groups, schools, ulpan, lectures, kashrut certification and much more. 

For more information about the Ukranian community and their needs, you can read Masorti Olami's full email about the situation. 

While the sorrow and sadness that comes from the loss of Roger will endure, we have found a way to honor his love of Israel combined with his love of dogs. The Roger S. Sofer Endowment Fund with the Israel Guide Dog Center has officially been created.

We’re honored to partner with this organization who supports blind Israelis, former IDF soldiers suffering with PTSD and Israeli children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder with a highly trained furry friend who provides companionship and emotional support.
The organization has a fundraising branch in the U.S. that is recognized as a nonprofit. Please consider honoring Roger’s memory by supporting the endowment fund - visit and note that your gift is in Memory of Roger Sofer – the gifts will automatically be added to the Endowment Fund in his name. We know that Roger will be watching over the bonds that form between the assistance pups and Israeli citizens with a big smile on his face and tears in his eyes.

Click here to get involved with the Happy Lungs Project

Their mission is to support researchers and clinicians in their work towards finding dependable treatments and ultimately a cure for RET positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, while providing hopeful and helpful information to empower patients to participate in their own journey and healing.

Fri, December 2 2022 8 Kislev 5783