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Your Gift Matters

We are bound together by our faith in God, commitment to the values of the Torah, passion for education and our unshakable support for the people and land of Israel. Beth Yeshurun seeks to provide a range of opportunities to sustain our connection to our rich tradition and to one another through: religious services, educational programs, schools, weddings, B’nai Mitzvah, Jewish burial, as well as a range of cultural, social and recreational activities for our entire community.

In order to sustain our vibrant community, Beth Yeshurun relies on the generosity of our members, who are committed to supporting the continuity of our Jewish traditions and values through the generations.


A gift to Beth Yeshurun enables our sacred community to continue pursuing our holy work for years to come and to share our history, our traditions and our promise to the next generation. Development at Beth Yeshurun is a communal effort to see our synagogue blossom through the next century and beyond, and is made possible through a strong partnership between our clergy, staff, lay leaders and our devoted members.

There are many ways that you can show your support for your synagogue and help us achieve our mission of being a warm, caring and inclusive community.

Tree of Life Simcha Celebration
Leaves and boulders on the Tree of Life, located in the atrium just outside Stein Hall, are a beautiful and lasting act of tzedakah to celebrate a simcha, honor someone special or commemorate an event. Each golden leaf and boulder is individually engraved with a personalized message and attached to the tree. The recipient will receive a letter from the synagogue notifying them that a leaf or boulder was engraved in their honor.
Leaf: $600 | Boulder: $1800 to $2400

Repairing Beth Yeshurun’s Torahs through Torah ReJEWvination
An elegant and prominent plaque listing those who have helped to support the maintenance and restoration of Beth Yeshurun’s Torah scrolls is to be placed inside the Beechnut entry to the Barg Sanctuary and Pulaski-Rauch Auditorium. This act of tzedakah is especially important to our synagogue as over time, a number of our Torahs have been rendered not kosher due to separation between the Torah’s parchment and seams; discoloration or cracking of the ink used by the Sofer to scribe the Torah; or detachment of the Eitz Chaim. Torah ReJEWvination contributions ensure continued maintenance and repair to all of Congregation Beth Yeshurun’s scrolls, ensuring that we fulfill the commandment to show great respect and sanctify our Torahs.
Plaque listing: $2500

Rebuild Beth Yeshurun Pillars
An incredible display of global support to rebuild Beth Yeshurun in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is permanently placed inside the Bender-Levy main lobby. As we continue to rebuild Beth Yeshurun, we are mindful of our tremendous need to ensure that our synagogue beautifully and tastefully supports the needs of our members. These beautiful glass pillars, created by local artist Bill Meek, maintain individually engraved plaques, honoring those who have and continue to assist in our rebuilding efforts.
Engraved plaque: $5000

Freedman-Levit Sanctuary
Commemorative plaques adorn the walls inside the vestibule entry of the Freedman-Levit Sanctuary. These small glass plaques are prominently displayed and provide an opportunity to commemorate a simcha or special occasion with an individualized, engraved plaque.
Engraved plaque: $5000

For more information or to find out how you can support Beth Yeshurun, please contact
Jennifer Sutton, Director of Development, at 713.666.1881 x315.

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A minimum donation of $18 per listing is required to have your donation published in the weekly bulletin and a notification letter sent to the honoree or a deceased person’s family member. One such notification letter will be sent per donation. The deadline for donations to be published in the weekly bulletin is the previous Friday at noon. Donations are published upon submission and will not be “held” for future publication. Please be sure to provide all of the necessary information, if it’s incomplete, we are unable to process your donation efficiently.

Thank you for your continued generous support of the synagogue.

Sun, November 28 2021 24 Kislev 5782