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Adult Education

Jewish Learning Project

The Jewish Learning Project (JLP) is Congregation Beth Yeshurun's Adult Learning Program. Our JLP sessions offer a variety of spiritual, intellectual, and stimulating topics for you to choose from. Sessions are held mostly on Sunday mornings and are open to the public and free of charge. (Some classes may have materials fees.)  For information contact Lisa Unsell, or call at 713-666-1881

View the complete 5780 Sunday Class Schedule with descriptions here. | Request more information about Adult Education

Video Archives

A Jewish-Christian Dialog with Rabbi Steven Morgen & Prof. Matthias Henze Videos

Invitation to Judaism

At Beth Yeshurun, we have a program that enables newcomers to Judaism to learn the basics of our way of life, our way of thinking about God, and our way of looking at the world. The program is called An Invitation to Judaism, and is coordinated by Rabbi Steven Morgen. The program involves classes that are taught on Sunday mornings beginning in September and continuing through May. One hour is devoted to a topic of Jewish belief, history, or practice. A second hour is devoted to learning the Hebrew alphabet and word pronunciation.  

Books are required and available for purchase the first day of class., view the 2019-2020 syllabus. Please register by email here.

Book List: Choosing a Jewish Life by Anita Diamant; To Life! by Harold Kushner; Essential Judaism - A Complete Guide to Beliefs, Customs and Rituals by George Robinson; Jewish Study Bible - Tankh Translation with commentary - Oxford; Jewish Literacy by Joseph Telushkin; We Jews and Jesus by Samuel Sandmel; Shalom Hebrew Primer (for required Hebrew class)

Morning Minyan Torah Study

After morning chapel services meet with clergy for discussions of topics of Jewish interest!

Tuesday: Wisdom of Torah with Rabbi Brian Strauss
Wednesday: Rabbi Steven Morgen
Thursday: Rabbi Sarah Fort
Friday :Cantor Meir Finkelstein
Saturday: Parashat Hashavuah with Rabbi Danny Horwitz

Mussar with Rabbi Brian Strauss

Gen'Xers and Millennials are invited to learn the transformative teachings and practices of Mussar! 

Find out more and register here.

End of Life and the Afterlife Series

A special Three-Part Series, Thursday evenings 7:00 - 8:30

**This event has been CANCELED!** - December 5, 2019
Shelly Rubenfeld and Daniel Musher Debate: Physician Assisted Suicide

December 12, 2019
Rabbi Danny Horwitz and Person of Hindu Faith Discuss God, Spirituality and Reincarnation

December 19, 2019
Rabbi Barry Gelman and Rabbi Steven Morgen discuss Maimonides on Heaven, Hell, the Afterlife and Resurrection.

Creation in Abrahamic Traditions

What it Means for Jews, Christians and Muslims

A special Three-Part Series in 2020, Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30

Six Days of Creation | February 6, 2020 | Beth Yeshurun
How do our faith traditions (including modern interpretations) inform our beliefs about living in a Created Universe. How old is the Universe and other questions about how we correlate science with Creation. Resting on the seventh day? (Muslims don’t. Christians might, but on usually on Sundays)

Adam and Eve and “Original Sin”? | February 13, 2020 | Location TBA
How do our faith traditions understand the story of Adam and Eve, eating the “forbidden fruit”? Are humans born in “original sin”? And if so, what does that mean? Was the Snake “the Devil”?

Humanity Created in God’s Image | February 20, 2020 | Location TBA
How do our traditions interpret this concept and how does it relate to how we treat people of other faith traditions. What is the role of humanity in God’s Creation? (Partners? Agents? Servants?) What does God expect from humanity? What does God hope for humanity?

Tue, December 10 2019 12 Kislev 5780