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High Holy Day Tickets & FAQs

Do we need HH tickets this year? 
Yes, and don't forget a photo ID.

When will I receive my tickets? 
Tickets are being mailed the week of August 16th. You should receive them by the end of the week. 

What if I don't get my tickets in time? 
You should get your tickets in time, but just in case we have membership lists on hand at Rosh Hashanah to admit you as long as your membership account is clear. 

I am a Beth Yeshurun member in good standing but would like to attend services at another congregation. What do I do? 
We can send a letter of reciprocity on your behalf to the synagogue where you would like to attend, stating you are a member in good standing and requesting tickets to their services. However, it is ultimately up to that congregation as to whether they can accommodate you. Please contact Sarah Goldberg at 713.666.1881 or to request a letter of reciprocity.  

I am a dues paying member of another congregation and would like to attend Beth Yeshurun for High Holy Days. How can I receive a ticket? 
Have your home congregation email a letter of reciprocity to Sarah Goldberg at The letter should state you are a member in good standing, number of tickets requested, and include your contact information. Once this is received, we will follow up with you to arrange your tickets.  

I am not a member of any congregation but would like to attend Beth Yeshurun for High Holy Days. Are tickets available?
College and graduate students can receive a free ticket with proof of a current school ID. Active military can also receive a free ticket with military ID. If you live outside the Houston area, tickets can be purchased for a donation of $180 per adult. Adults under the age of 35 who do not live in Houston can purchase tickets for a donation of $54. Contact Sarah Goldberg at 713.666.1881 or to arrange. 

If do you live in Houston, we encourage you to become a member. Contact Membership Director Mindi Stern at 713.666.1881 or to learn more. 

How do I know if my membership account is clear? 
If your account was paid up through June 2021, your account is clear. If your account is not clear, your tickets will be held until your account is clear. Check your last statement. If you received a letter that your account was not clear and you still have not paid, you will not receive your tickets. 

How do I clear my account? 
Mail or bring payment to the synagogue immediately. Time is running out. If you wait too long, there may not be enough time to work it out. 

Can I settle my account and make payment at the door on Rosh Hashanah? 
No. We cannot clear accounts or accept payments on Rosh Hashanah. 

Can I call the synagogue to clear my account? 
Call volumes are extremely high as we approach the holidays. Your call might not be handled right away, and wait times are long. The best thing to do is send an email to Mindi Stern. Your email will be answered as soon as possible, but at least within 24 hours on business days. 

Can my family members attend if they are not Beth Yeshurun members? 
We will accept tickets from other local synagogues. If your family members have tickets from other synagogues (and photo ID), we will admit them. 

What about parking at Beth Yeshurun? 
To accommodate our members who have handicapped parking tags we will have a whole lot of extra handicapped parking spaces. But there is not enough handicapped parking for everyone, so the earlier you arrive, the better. 

If you want to reserve a non-handicapped space, complete the form by  clicking here. Reserved spaces cost $1,500. 

Will there be a bus from off-site parking? 

For more information about High Holy Days at Beth Yeshurun visit the High Holy Day Section on our website by clicking here!

Mon, September 20 2021 14 Tishrei 5782