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5784 High Holy Day Appeal


Your generous support is vital to our congregation, thank you!

G'mar Chatimah Tovah! May your name be inscribed in the Book of Life

We sincerely appreciate your generous support of our synagogue. Together, at Beth Yeshurun, we strive to foster a spirit of collective strength where we uplift one another and our Jewish community. 

We are especially grateful for the members of the Tzedakah Society, a group of members, who are standing together to double the impact of your donation by matching Appeal pledges and contributions dollar for dollar.

Abby & Tomas Ackerman
Debbie & Jim Adler
Barbara & Jonathan Baliff
Susie & Scott Bender
Susan & Michael Bloome Family
Susan & Michael Bono
Sarah & Denis Braham
Taryn & Dan Braun
Rhona & Bruce Caress
Barbara & Dell Coleman
Jennifer & Gregg Costa
Joyce & Arthur Dauber
David DeVido in memory of Rosemarie
Trudi & Max Esses
Kelli Cohen Fein & Martin Fein 
Amy & Daniel Ferber
Marjorie & Clive Fields
Karen & Buster Freedman
Martha & Donald Freedman
Marilyn & Cary Hoffman
Lorraine Horwitz
Sue & Stuart Jacobson 
Susan & Leonard Kammerman
Sharon & Richard Kammerman

Elizabeth & Frank Karkowsky
Gerry Grossman Karkowsky
Dana & Kenneth Katz
Joan & Louis Katz
Richard Leibman
Erica & Benjy Levit
Diane & Mitch Levy
Isabelle & Eric Mayer
Karol & Daniel Musher
Linda & Jerry Paine
Joy & Scott Plantowsky
Paula & Irving Pozmantier
Joe Rice
Leslie & Russ Robinson
Glen Rosenbaum
Louise & Stewart Rosenthal
Marcy Lynn Rothman & Tammy Pye
Susan Sandler
Marsha & Lonnie Schooler
Amira & Bradley Staller
Arlene & Joe Staller
Andrea & David Stein
Bruce Stein
Robin & Brad Stein
Tracy & Gary Stein
Gail & Gary Swartz
Jill & Charlie Talisman
Jack Uzick
Linda & Tommy Uzick
Bonnie Winograd
Judy & Ronnie Yambra

Because of your generosity as well as the compassion of the members listed above, the impact of your donation is doubled by their matching contributions. If you are interested in joining the Tzedakah Society, please contact Jennifer Sutton at 713-666-1881 x 315 or

Thank you for ensuring that Beth Yeshurun is strong and resilient. 

In gratitude, Brian Strauss, Senior Rabbi and Lori Herzog, President

Your donation acknowledgement may be delayed if information is incomplete.

Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyyar 5784