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Special Constitution Meeting

Sunday, January 24, 2020 at 4:00pm virtually via ZOOM

President Jerrad Bloome has called for a Special Congregation Meeting with the sole purpose of voting on a new Constitution. Only the Congregation can vote on constitutional changes at a regular Annual or Special meeting. The reason for a Special Congregation Meeting is that we would like to have the new Constitution in place prior to the next regular Annual Meeting.  All eligible members in good standing are able to vote.

The Constitution is the basic governing document of the Congregation. It sets out the parameters, responsibilities, and limitations of leadership. There are many changes being proposed, too many to enumerate here, some more substantial than others. For example, some changes have to do with revising the term of Officers and Trustees and the date of the Annual Meeting to coincide with the fiscal year, some with the size and makeup of the Board of Trustees, and some limiting the voting rights of past Presidents to those who attend meetings and participate in discussions. And there are many more.

In order to register for this special meeting you need to be logged into your account.
The link to attend will be sent day of to all those members in good standing who are eligible to vote.
The deadline to register is 12pm on Sunday, January 24th and you should register below
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We want you to have a chance to review the current Constitution and become familiar with the proposed new Constitution. Please review both documents attached here:

Click here to view an overview of all proposed changes

Click here to view the current Constitution

Click here to view proposed "Revised Constitution and Bylaws"

Click here to view proposed "Transition Rules"

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