The Kaplan Museum is teaming with the ERJCC to present a splendid photographic exhibit of synagogues around the world. These breathtaking photographs will be on exhibit in the Atrium and Stein Hall beginning just before Rosh Hashanah and continuing through October 28. They were taken by Louis Davidson, a retired petroleum engineer turned professional photographer, who has traveled around the world to create them, and they have been enlarged to images that are as big as six feet across and five feet high. The exhibit is underwritten by Meyer Chaskin in memory of his wife Shirley.

On Sunday, September 20 at 2:00 PM, Mr. Davidson will lecture at Congregation Beth Yeshurun on the photographs that are exhibited there. After the lecture there will be coffee and sweets with time to look at the images.  Mr. Davidson will then lecture at 4:00 at the ERJCC on the images that are on display there. This will be followed by a wine and cheese reception.  The program is designed to encourage “gallery hopping,” and the lectures, receptions and showings are open to the public with no charge. 

Please preview these magnificent photographs at

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