Millennial Burnout || Mayim Bialik

Posted on March 24th, 2019
From Mayim's YouTube Channel


Hey, it's Mayim, and I know a lot of millennials. I also work with a lot of them. They get a bad reputation, but also suffer from pretty intense burnout. Here's why, and how I think they can counteract that burnout!


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I’m A Jewish Teenager. Anti-Semitism Has Infiltrated My Hometown.

Posted on March 17th, 2019
Ephraim Light for The Forward 


The truth is, when I opened my Snapchat to an image of teenagers from a local high school throwing up a Hitler salute around a swastika made out of red-solo-cups, I wasn’t even surprised. See, it wasn’t the first time anti-Semitism infiltrated my community.

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Cooking Up a Diverse Community

Posted on March 10th, 2019
By Jennifer Richler for Tablet Magazine

A new group called Kugel brings together the ‘multicultural bubble’ of New York’s Jewish scene

It all started with a broken engagement.

It was April 2018, and Simone Weichselbaum was newly single. One of the reasons she and her fiancé had split was her anxiety about moving to his homogeneous Jewish community outside Manhattan.

Weichselbaum, now 37, grew up modern Orthodox in what she calls the “multicultural bubble of the New York City Jewish scene,” filled with people from diverse backgrounds, like her. (She’s half Jamaican, half German-Jewish.)

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On the Search for Kosher Haggis

Posted on March 3rd, 2019
by Kayla Steinberg for


Kosher haggis was everything I hoped it would be — oaty, savory, and smooth. I scooped spoonfuls alongside fellow UK Jewish students at the Edinburgh Jewish Society’s annual Burns Ball. The night was a fusion of Scottish and Jewish cultures, and the kosher food — delivered from Glasgow — was well worth the wait.

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History of Israel's National Anthem: Does HaTikvah Mean Hope for All?

Posted on February 24th, 2019


This video is part of a series on Israeli History from Jerusalem U. Catch the entire series on YouTube. 


On this week's History of Israel Explained, we’re looking at one of the most Israeli things out there - HaTikvah, or The Hope - Israel’s stirring, meaningful and, some might say, controversial national anthem.

Unlike other anthems that speak of triumph and victory, the Israeli anthem is a mash up between a Romanian folk-melody, a 16th-century Italian song, and the lyrical thoughts of a drunk romantic poet. Not exactly the stuff of nationalistic dreams, but like the State of Israel itself, Hatikvah is both a symbol of Jewish hope and identity and the anthem for a multicultural and multi-ethnic state dedicated to equality.

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