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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Surviving an Active Shooter Attack


The Houston Police Department is pleased to present to the citizens of Houston an informative hour and a half seminar which provides you the tools with which you may significantly increase your odds of surviving either an Active Shooter or Terrorist Attack.  In a world where your thoughts are rarely focused on such topics, proven, common sense instruction by experienced professionals will significantly increase your odds of surviving an Active Shooter or Terrorist. Much of the information is cutting edge and designed by the Houston Police Department, a law enforcement pioneer in this area. As of January 2015 over 28,000 citizens of Houston have received this empowering training.  Stephen Daniel, the HPD Senior Community Liaison, will serve as our trainer.  Mr. Daniel is continually researching and developing tactics which citizens may employ in order to survive an Active Shooter assault. He works closely with the Houston SWAT team in order to present the most viable advice possible to the citizens. Mr. Daniel brings a passion for Active Shooter training as well as over 35 years of experience in security/law enforcement.

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