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Wednesday, February 17, 2016:  An evening with Andy Fastow

Born Andrew Stuart Fastow on December 22, 1961 in Washington, D.C. Andrew Fastow was one of three sons raised in a middle-class Jewish family in New Providence, New Jersey. After earning his MBA from Northwestern University, he joined Enron and was the company's chief financial officer when it went under investigation for concealing massive losses in 2001. On October 31, 2002, Fastow was indicted on 78 counts including fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy. Two years later, he pleaded guilty to two counts of wire and securities fraud.

Fastow served a four and half year prison sentence at the Federal Detention Center in Oakdale, LA. Fastow now speaks to groups across the world about his past with Enron, his road to forgiveness for himself and from those he hurt, and how Jewish business ethics now influence his career. 

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