100 Jewish Men


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

at the ERJCC Kaplan Theatre – spouses invited

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“Roadmap Genesis” is an inspiring film that makes the case that the Book of Genesis is a roadmap containing guideposts on how to live a productive, fruitful and fulfilling life. It presents a buffet of opinions about the continued importance of the Book of Genesis. The movie invites Americans of all faiths to engage in a dialogue about the relevance of the Bible in the modern age. From Governor Mike Huckabee to Rabbi David Wolpe, from Alan Dershowitz to the Archbishop of Chicago Cardinal Francis George, from Rabbi Elliot Dorff to Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, it explores the rules that God has set forth to help us maintain a successful society.  See http://roadmapgenesis.com for more information. 

After the film, enjoy a personal appearance by filmmaker and Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz. Nolan will speak about his experience making the movie and also participate in a question and answer session with Rabbi Strauss and the audience. 

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