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Beth Yeshurun has been the spiritual home to Jews in Houston since 1891 and now provides spiritual, educational, cultural, and social activities, programs, and services to more than 2300 families.

Adhering to the principles of Conservative Judaism, Beth Yeshurun welcomes Jews of the widest possible demographic categories – young and mature, men and women, single and married, with children and without children, traditional observing and less traditional observing.

Because of our “fair share” and young adult dues structures, Beth Yeshurun is open to all, regardless of financial status. Our congregants are asked and expected to contribute dues and donations based on their ability.

Applicants and candidates for membership at Beth Yeshurun must meet with representatives of our Membership Committee. This process is intended to give applicants/candidates an opportunity to learn more about our Congregation and to ask questions in a confidential setting. For more information about membership at Beth Yeshurun, contact our Membership Services Coordinator, Ellen Petras by email at epetras@bethyeshurun.org or by phone at 713-666-1881, extension 360. We would be happy to meet with you, show you around our synagogue, and discuss opportunities to join.

Members of Beth Yeshurun are privileged to have many opportunities to experience the joy of Jewish living. Although our doors are open to the entire community for most of our programs and activities, daily minyans, and Shabbat services, we do have space considerations that require us to limit admissions to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. Our Day School is open to students from the entire Jewish community, but our supplemental Religious school and Hillel High School enrollment are available only to members. And only members enjoy the right to vote at congregational meetings and serve on the Board of Trustees.

Membership at Beth Yeshurun is like membership in any organization – you get out of it what you put into it. Members are encouraged to participate in many of our volunteer opportunities.

There are four categories of membership, each with different benefits and obligations:

Regular Membership
Young Adult Membership
Dual Membership
Associate Membership

Regular Membership

Regular members (age 35 and up) have full membership privileges, including High Holy Days admissions, enrollment in our Religious Schools, all congregation communications, and voting privileges in the management of the Congregation’s affairs. Regular membership dues are based on household income. New Regular members are asked to make a contribution to the Building and Maintenance Fund.

The Building and Maintenance Fund provides financial support to operate and maintain a large synagogue building, open 365 days per year. Any large facility has special needs from time to time for major repairs and smaller improvement projects.

Young Adult Membership

Young adult members (under age 35) have all the privileges of regular membership. Recognizing, however, that most young adults are still establishing themselves financially, a special dues structure applies to young adult members. This structure is graduated with age and takes into account that many young adults cannot afford regular dues.

Dual Membership

Many persons in the community have family connections at different synagogues in the area, and dual membership provides an opportunity for family members at other Congregations to spend special holiday time together at Beth Yeshurun without the burden of two full dues obligations. A special dues structure makes this possible. High Holy Days admissions are available to dual members. Enrollment in Religious School is available ONLY if the primay synagogue does not have a Religious School.

Associate Membership

Associate membership provides an opportunity for those whose primary synagogue affiliation is elsewhere and may not be interested in or eligible for dual membership. Many people in the community enjoy coming to Beth Yeshurun to experience and participate in daily minyans, Shabbat, and educational, cultural, and social programs, and want to make a financial contribution. Associate membership is one way to do this. Associate members do not have the privilege of attending High Holy Days services or enrollment in Religious Schools, but can receive congregation communications.

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